February 26, 2011

Be the Difference.

Journal 3-4

               To me, Heroic Imagination means everyday heroism. Everyone has a stereotype of what a true hero is, but when in fact anyone can be a hero. You don't have to wear a cape or have super powers to make a difference; you can do small actions that have huge effects. Heroes have to act and can not be bystanders. If people can learn and train themselves to always act, they can be a hero and make a big impact on the world!

               Heroic imagination and traditional leadership are different concepts, but they also have some similarities. Both involve people stepping up and being a leader, whether by example or by command. By participating in both styles, a positive difference is made on the world. Heroic imagination however is focused on the leaders behind the scenes. These leaders are everyday people that have made the choice to act and help others. In traditional leadership, normally one person is raised up on a pedestal leading others. These leaders are out in front for the world to see, unlike the heroic imagination leaders that are back in the shadows waiting to act.

               There are many people who embody the heroic imagination. One "well known" person is Ginger Littleton, a school board member involved in the shooting incident during a school board meeting in Florida. 
She decided to stay in the room even after the gunman ordered her to leave. She swung her purse at him, in an attempt to knock the gun out of the gunman's hand. She fell to the ground, and the gunman stood over her but did not kill her.Some people think that she is just crazy and was trying to get herself killed. I feel that she was actually a hero in waiting and was extremely brave. I think she truly exemplifies heroic imagination.

               There are also many other general examples of heroes in waiting. One example would be someone witnessing the stealing of a woman's purse and then chasing after the criminal. Another example would be someone helping a child that looks lost or alone and then helping them find their parents. A third example would be someone who witnesses another person falling or getting injured and then helps them, gives them first aid, and helps them to a hospital. A final example would be someone who witnesses a shoplifter in the act and then turns them in to stop them. All of these examples showcase normal everyday people who decide to act and make a positive difference in someone's life.

Be the Difference. Be the Hero.


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