January 17, 2011


Journal 2-4
            Several weeks ago I was very curious about the effectiveness of commercials. Historically, the most effective commercials have been ones that are simple, straight forward, and either have a touch of humor or discuss making the world a better place. Despite the hundreds of commercials viewed everyday, a very small number actually cause consumers to buy their product.

               This past week in Ethic's class, we have spent a lot of time watching the mid-term documentaries and discussing the techniques used in all of them. Also we have spent time talking about a "new face of Leadership", and what we would change in the future.

               Probably my favorite part of the week was watching the documentaries. I loved seeing all of the different topics and finished products. I thought it was every interesting to see the variety and similarity of the topics. I thought all of the documentaries could be divided up into two different kinds: either a tribute or informational. Within these two topics, the documentaries could be divided up between funny and serious, as well as ethical and unethical. I felt that the tributes tended to be the more ethical ones, and the funny ones tended to be more unethical. While watching the documentaries, I was actually surprised at how well made most of the documentaries were! Most of them, with a little more editing and a viewing audience, could actually be made into real documentaries. I also thought that you could see how much time and effort a group put into their documentary by viewing their finished product. There were some that the viewers could tell had been thrown together last minute, while others had taken hours upon hours creating their's. All in all, I thought that the documentaries were great learning experiences that have taught the class a lot.

               Toward the end of the week, the class discussed the "new face of leadership". I thought that our in- class discussion was very interesting. I felt that it was very good to get new ideas out, because no matter how wonderful something is, it has to change over time. I thought that the class brought up many great ideas that could make the Leadership Center stronger. I do think that our discussion got a little heated when the center of attention turned towards the Leadership Council. I thought that the Council got very defensive and tried to throw down anything said after that. This was very interesting to watch. I thought some people's true characters came out that day. In my personal opinion, I feel that two major things need to be changed. One being the Council. I feel that the Council should practice better communication skills and be less seclusive. I feel that students that are not in the Council see more flaws, or areas for improvement, in the Leadership Program, and I feel that it would be best to look toward the basic Leadership population to get new ideas. Another area for improvement, which I mentioned in class, would be to give the Leadership Center "more meaning". This may sound harsh, but I by this I mean the following: to give the center more name recognition, more "meaningful" community service, and to make it more of a powerful community force that changes lives.
All in all, I feel that right now, the Leadership Center provides many opportunities to many students. I do feel though that some changes could be made to enhance the Center.


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